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Keep in touch with friends and family across town and across the country with Mediacom’s Digital Phone service. Digital Phone is an essential component in any home; it’s the perfect cell phone backup providing clear, quality service. Including unlimited nationwide calling and free calling features, Digital Phone keeps you connected like nothing else.

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Calling Features

With over a dozen calling features always included, you can expect more from Mediacom’s Digital Phone service. Caller ID, Call Waiting, and so much more - you get the features you deserve.

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International Calling

The world has never been so small with WorldTalk from Mediacom. WorldTalk turns you into a globetrotter with over 67 countries to call, different low cost plan options, and the simplicity of adding international calling to your digital phone service.

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Switching is Simple

So, everyone knows your current home phone number and you’re worried about switching. Well, worry no more! Mediacom makes switching easy. We’ll take care of everything from calling your telephone provider, installing your new phone service and transferring over your current phone number.

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